13 January 2014

Quick Note...

We ran into the Internet for just a couple minutes, but we will get back on in a couple hours. But i just wanted to tell ya that I AM getting transferred! Im going to ARICA, training, so we are opening the sector together, Im pretty sure there were elders in my place before me. Hna Tuft is training too, so we get to go to Antofagasta together tomorrow night to go pick up our companions. Then she will come back here, and Ill continue on to Arica! Its a good 20 hours from here, so quite the difference ;) 
Talk to you soon! love you!!! 

1 comment:

  1. I have loved reading Kami's posts and hearing their antics. I know Kristen is going to miss her a lot. And my husband and I were commenting how we think these two will always be friends. I can't wait to meet Kami one day. Thanks!