06 May 2013

Kami Letter from Iquique Chile (dated 5/6/13)

this week was greattt!! lots of fun we had. it was full of sweets and yummyness ;) haha
last monday, for our pday activity, (i can´t remember if i told ou last week or not) we had chocolate chip pancakes and our zone leader elder hamblin made this buttermilk syrup. so it was SO GOOD.
then tuesday, one of the latino elders in my zone had given us a reference that turned to a baptism (those 2 kids) and so he told me he wanted an american cake. so we made him one, gave him part, and ate the rest ourselves. it was SO YUMMY. chilean cake isn´t that good, but we went to Lider and found a cake mix and it turned out really good!
wednesday was my bday!! man, can´t believe i´m 20. :S haha our mamita threw a party, decorated her whole house, and gave me a little headband and earrings. it was so sweet! and made lemon pie which was delicious. ha and hermana garbin made me a cake too, so it was full of fun and yumminess ;) it was a good day. i attached pictures of mamita, the gifts i got from investigators/comp/other missionaries.
thursday we had our zone meeting, and we had another party. part of because it was the last one as our zone, and part for my bday and hermana richins´ birthday (friday). so everyone brought cake or cookies or something good. and 2 of the elders got us both these star wars angry birds princess leah dolls. haha
friday, like i said, was h richins´ birthday. so once again, more cake and stuff. mamita threw another party! ahh her food is sooo good, and especially her cake and stuff!!
ok. so our transfers. guess what??
I´M GOING TO ANTOFAGASTA!! i thought for sure i was staying in iquique. i was certain. but they called us last night, and told me i´m leaving! so i leave tonight at midnight. ;P and it´s like a 6 hour bus ride. and 2 more elders are going with me, so luckily i won´t be alone!! haha i was afraid i would be. but my new comp is gringa, so i´m glad for that. i can actually talk to her for real. haha and i think i´ll learn more about how things work and learn more spanish because i can ask how to say things. but she only has like 3 or 4 transfers here! so she´s rpetty new too!
as for mothers day, as of right now, i´m not sure. i (i was so proud of myself..i went and found someone by myself for us to use their computers on sunday adn talked to them by myself!!) had planned sunday at 6, but now that i´m leaving, it´ll be differnet. i´m only goign to use part of my computer time today, so hopefully once i get to antofagasta tomorrow i can use the rest of the time to let you know. it´ll be a quick maybe 10 minutes to email ya. so as of right now, yeah, i don´t know what time we´ll skype. and hopefully it will be skype!
so guess what else? haha i went last week to take my money off the debit card for the month, and the atm machine was all weird. the card didn´t come out all the way and was super slow and got stuck. so i pinched to get it, and the machine sucked it back in!! so i had to call the financer and they´re getting me a new one. but it´s a US bank, so it´ll bel ike 4 weeks until i get a new one. haha i got all the money though, so i´m good there! ;)
anyways. that´s about all for this week. lots of fun and parties :) and next week i´ll have more to write about the new city!!
love and miss ya lotsss!
--hermana severtson! <3

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