13 May 2013

Kami Letter from Antofagasta (dated 5/13/13)

hheyyyaa!! AHH it was sooo good to talk to you all yesterday!! <3 you all seem so good and happy! and sounds like lots of fun things going on! 7 more months and we can talk on christmas! ;)
just so you know, i did buy a jacket today, and a backpack, i had been using my companions. and i used my credit card ;) so if you can transfer money over from my checking, that´d be great!! thankya!
the transfer is still doing good. i love antofagasta! loving it here mucho. it is colder than iquique,and the streets are more confusing,but it´s awesome. we´re getting along good with our limited spanish. ;) we both know just enough different words that we can help one another! it´s perfect! one thing i´ve learned here is everything is for a reason and that the assignments are inspired. my call to chile, my companions, my sectors, the timing... everything! i can just feel it´s part of the plan, and i love it! :)
we had a fun week again. we went to a recent converts house theother night and had pizza!! Hermana Gonzalez (from argentina who we live with) was in this sector in november/december and is back, and he was her convert from them. we made pizza with him and had a fun time. then friday night the relief society had a mothers day activity which was super fun too! they had a few little talks at the beginning, then we ate.and they did karaoke! haha oh it was super fun! ;) the activities here are SUPER different from the states! ha
my comp and i are going to start teaching english classes!! wednesday nights, so our first is this wednesday. we are hoping it helps draw in more investigators, and that members bring their friends and such. so we´ll see! but i´m excited! everyone wants to know english, so it should be pretty fun ;)
uhh.. i don´t know really what else to say since i talked to you all yesterday! but yeah! live is good, the mission is the best! ;)
¡¡tengan un muy buen día!!
más luego <3

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