07 May 2013

Kami Letter from Antofagasta Chile (dated 5/7/13)


Hello from the Home Front!

Kami SevertsonTue, May 7, 2013 at 9:06 AM
To: Toby Severtson 

heyyy!! i´m here in antofagasta!! let´s plan to skype at 7:30 here. hope that works for all of you! i hope i remember my skype username and password... ha so maybe if you could email it to me just in case ;) i think it was on that list i gave you.

so i´m super excited for this next transfer!! i think it´s going to be really good! my companion has only one more transfer than me here. and doesn´t know TOO much spanish either :) haha but we´ll manage. she said president emailed her and told her that we have work to do together here and that we´ll do miracles! ;) so i´m excited!
she´s from utah, is 21, and i think a lot like me. she´s going into elementary ed too.  i´m super excited, i´ve only met her for like 3 or 4 hours, but already we are becoming good friends! 

i look forward to talking to you on sunday!
miss and love ya all lots!
--hermana severtson

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