29 April 2013

Kami Letter from Iquique Chile (dated 4/29/13)

HEYYY!!!! This week was a good week! Things are getting better!! We have transfers this week, we find out Sunday night (usually) what is new or not and monday is travel day. So who knows, maybe next monday I´ll have a change, and maybe not. But i´m pretty sure i´ll still get time to email.... i hope!!
ok, i´m dying to know... WHO DID PORTER ASK??????? ahh i´m so proud of him <3 haha 
also, when is mother´s day? is it the 2nd or 3rd sunday in may?
Thanks for the birthday wishes too! we´ll see if i have time to buy something this week, or next. but i´ll let you know. thanks ;) one of the other girls i live with has her bday on friday, so we´re going to have some fun in our apartment this week!! :) 

so president went to a mission pres conference, and was told we aren´t supposed to wear much jewelry. so my ctr ring that i´ve worn for like 5 years, i can´t wear anymore! my finger feels weird!! haha but whatever, i´ll get used to it. 
i also got lotion from the pres and his wife for my birthday. smells yummy! and was perfect beause i was wanting to buy more anyways ;) good thing i got it before i did! 
so here, may 1 is labor day, so if i lived here, i´d never have school or work or anything on my birthday! haha 
we did a "sector attack" on wednesday. the whole zone goes to a sector to help them find new invstigators, it was pretty fun! we just were assigned a street and knocked doors. i´m pretty sure they got some new investigators too, so that´s nice!
we did another intercambio on friday, we did it all day, including conp study and stuff, so that was cool to see other ways to do things. pres likes when we do them and said we can do them about once a week, so we´ll see if we can find a day this week to do it too. 
I FINISHED THE BOOK OF MORMON IN SPANISH on saturday!!! ahh it feels so good! haha i´ve read in english a little since then, and it´s SO much easier to understand now. ha and i´m glad i get to study other things now, that i´m supposed to be studying. like preach my gospel, jesus the christ, liahona magazine, other talks and stuff... ;)
how is your little competetion going?
we had a baptism this weekend for a girl who´s 12 and a boy who´s 14. they were super excited to get baptized(had the date for about a week and a half or so), then on tuesday, both of them deided they didn´t want to. for no particular reason. just didn´t really want to and were´nt exited about it. so we were devestated!! my comp kinda started pestering them about it a little, asking why why why how can i help why why why???!!? and it wasn´t effective. we had read a couple scriptures in 2 ne 31 with them, and i felt like we should assign them the erst of the chapter and to pray if they need to get baptized. so i did. the next day, they didn´t do it, and still didn´t want to be baptized. so we assigned it again, and prayed they´d do it. thursday we didn´t get the chance to see them. then friday morning, they called us, telling us they wanted to be baptized!! we asked them what changed their mind..and guess what?? it was the chapter!!! they read and prayed, and wanted to be baptized!! oh i was so happy i got the prompting to assign that and followed through in my broken spanish. they´re kids, adn the girl can´t read, so i don´t know why i felt that. but something in that chapter touched them and helped them decide to be baptized!!
so anyways. here they do daylight savings. we got an extra hour of sleep on sunday night... it was super nice! so, i don´t know anymore if we are 3 or 4 or 5 hours different from you... right now here it is 4:30 ish... so depending on when you read this.... but yeah..anyways. :)
oh also, ya know how i was looking for a seahorse necklace? well, bentley knows. i always wanted one. anyways. one of the girls i live with ( h vanmeter) had one, and she´s finshing her mission this transfer/this week, and she knew i liked it, so she gave it to me!! <3 aww i love it it´s so ccute, she´s so nice! haha 
anyways. that´s about all for today. 
more next week!
¡¡les amo!! 
love and miss you LLOOTTTSSSS!!!! <3 <3 <3 
--hermana severtson!

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