08 April 2013

Kami Letter from Iquique Chile (dated 4/8/2013)

hola! here}s more pics for ya! some of iquique, outside my window. we went to the beach this morning as our zone activity and played futbol, which was SO FUN!! ill send that pic once i get it from someone else. i think she{s sending it right now. and me in front of the church building after conference!
i{m slowly starting to understand spanish. gringo spanish is SO much easier to understadn! we had a dist meeting the other day, and i was able to understand the whole meeting my DL put on, because he´s gringo. haha but for the chileans, it´s coming. hey, i even had part of my dream in spanish last night!! FINALLY!! haha i don´t remember what i was doing or what was said, but it was in spanish! haha
people here are super nice. ive gotten so far earrings, two keychains, and a little statue from easter island, a little tiki guy thing. haha it´s funny :) 
it{s weird. here if people are "conviven" which means lives together not married, we aren´t supposed to teach them at all. once we find out, we´re done. i guess it{s super hard to get married if you aren´t already. espeically if you´re not from chile. so that´s kinda sad, because it´s a LOT of people!
mostly to find people, we just walk up adn down the streets and talk to people outside their house. or talk to inactive members from the ward list. we knock on teh door or fence and yell "HALLO" (ah-low)! but mostly we just hand out pass along cards, actually, not even mostly. not that much at all! ha mostly we search for the inactive members! 
i do have a mamita. she cooks very good! we had pizza the other day, which is different from the US pizza, but still super delicioso. i think i want to get the recipe sometime ;) we do wash our own clothes though, for the most part. she CAN wash our clothes, but it{s expencive. and she cant do garments ebcause she´s not endowed. 
so the bread here is super good. like SUPER good. it{s homemade, and cheap!! haha and the little chocolate i still have... yum... that´s what gets me through my days. bread and chocolate. so i´ll ´probably gain weight ehre. haha 
dogs are EVERYWHERE: literally everywhere. and tehy smell. and follow you. and have fleas. and i have already seen 2 dead. just laying ont he side of the street. one has been outside the church building for at least a month.. kinda nasty. ;P
one girl we are teaching, fabiola, asked me the names of my siblings the other day, because she wanted to know gringo names. when i got to jonah, she and my comp laughed ;) thought you´d like to know jo! haha ;) nah, it´s because the j sound is super hard for them to pronounce :)
i already don´t do my hair. it´s humid, so it´s pointless. i just braid my bangs back and let it air dry! haha i guess "dry". ha and i{m alraedy tsarting to tan!!! i have a ltitle tan line from my watch. tiny, but still. makes me happy. and on my feet from my shoes. i´ll come back with the craziest tan lines youve ever seen. for real. my roomate hma vanmeter is in her last cambio (transfer) and has basically another watch imprinted on her wrist, and looks like she´s wearing white flats ;) haha it´s the best! but i´ll be the same way! 
i hear pres (i´ll be getting a new one though) sends people home early all the time for school. so the transfers should be end of july. i think...? so plan on me being home then!! haha }
there´s SO much american music i hear all the itme. i heard YMCA today on the radio in the taxi, and gangham style a few days ago ;) haha it´s funny, because no one understands what it´s saying, but they listen anyways!
i met a little boy named joaquin the other day. he is 12, and was talking to us (he´s a member, but inactive. hasn´t been to church since they moved to iquique 9mo ago) but anyways, he grabs a soccer ball, his "futbol gloves" and starts playing with everyone he could find! totally reminded me of caleb! he asked my comp adn i if we have a face (fa-say) facebook. so maybe next time i see him i will have him add caleb! depends ;) i{ll see. would ya like that dudey?? :)
they drink hot drinks here all the time. like i said, ecco, but also te. the te is herbal, so it{s "okay" to drink. i´ve had it a fwe times... it´s weird. but the mint kind is pretty good i geuss. not like i´d drink it all the time, but decent. 
conference was AMAZING!!! us gringo missionaries had our own room where we got to watch it in english. so that was a blessing. we ate snacks, and just had a bunch of fun.. like you said, it´s the best on the mission! i already can´t wait for the october! 
so much has happened since teh last session, it´s so crazy!! i loved hearing all the new missionary stats and stuff! and i´m part of it!! ;)
my feet are better. completely. don´t know what it is! so yep... whatever i guess! haha 
have you ahd a chance to get those temple names done? i thought about that again during the conference
can you have bentley write zach for me? he sent me a letter in the MTC and i didn}t have a chance to write him back. and now i´m in chile, and it takes like 2 months to get letters and/or packages. so.. yeah... just tell him if he can email me. and i´ll try to get back to him ;)
anyways, i love getting your emails! its what i look forwarad to every pday!!
con amor,
hma severtson

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