22 April 2013

Kami Letter from Iquique Chile (dated 4/22/13)

Hey dad!
That´s fine about sending the package normal. And I´ll buy a jacket here and use my other Preach My Gospel in Spanish (i bought a mini one in the mtc). If it´s too expensive to send too much, don´t worry about it. I can get stuff here. Or use my credit card if I have to ;) As for money though, there is a way to wire me some money..not sure how. so we don´t have to worry about it. i´ll just use my credit card if i need anything. 
as for going out to dinner or something though, we aren´t supposed to. only on pday we can go to restaurants, and we don´t have time. so it´s okay though! ;)

There was a fire at a couple of the houses down the street from us the other day. It was super sad, but we went over there to see if we could help. my companion and i couldn´t stay long because we had an appointment, but it was cool to see how everyone came together and helped. the other 2 sisters stayed and helped longer, and they said it was cool, i wish we could have, but whatever. i did get a little part of the "bomberos de chile" tape though, so that{s cool (firemen).

we did intercambios this week too, splits. it was neat to get a chance to work with another missionary and get another perspective of things. 

we had interviews with president too on friday. Which was SUPER awesome! I got a lot of questions answered and got to finally actually talk to him. He and his wife are just amazing. I´m sad they only have like 2 more months here, but also excited to get to know another president. 

as for paying monthly/all at once for my mission, either works. I originally wanted to do monthly so i had that transaction on my savings account so it doesn´t get inactive fees, but as long as you can transfer back and forth or something, that´ll work fine ;) 

it was kinda an uneventful week! oh, we did have a couple more baptisms, which was cool. I´ll try tosend my pictures today and see if it works. it looks like it is, so they´re attached here!

well, sorry, super short for today, but that´s about all

love and miss you guys LOTS!!!! 

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