27 March 2013

Kami's First Letter from Chile!

From: Kami Severtson
Date: Wed, Mar 27, 2013 at 4:56 PM
Subject: Hola familia!
To: Toby Severtson 

Hey all! Im in chile! the keyboards are different, so i dont know how to do apostrophes! 
anyways, pres bruce wanted us to email you today to let you know were safe :) my companion is from peru, (hma garbin) knows only a little english. im in a city called iquique (e key kay) and is very good! the spanish is WAY different, and hard to understand, but i think soon (hopefully) ill get the hang of it.
pres bruce was goign to send an email to you with a picture of me here, did you get it? hope so!
tell sis wright in the ward that her nephew is my zone leader...from queen creek too! small world! :) 
so guess what, i had a layover in peru too!! but we didnt change planes so it wasnt on the travel plans. but cool! another country! then we missed our plane to antofagasta from santiago, but pres said it happens every time so it wasnt a big deal. ill give more info on monday when ill have more time. but yeah, it was an adventure!
guess what i tried today?? its called ecco, and its pretty much coffee without the caffiene. its super big down here, everyone drinks it. it tastes just like coffee smells, .... it was okay i guess, not super delicious. but ill have to buy some to bring home for you all to try! 
anyways, i gotta go for now, ill write more on monday!

con amor, 
hermana severtson

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  1. My son just transferred out of Iquique this week, and so did Hermana Catron. I mention her because her parents also maintain a web-site for her and there are a lot of good pictures on it, what it is like to be a Hermana in Iquique as of last week.

    The link is:

    It is a great mission and Iquique is a good city. Make sure she tries chumbeque - the dessert of Iquique; and at least according to my son the greatest food he has ever had.