22 March 2013

Kami Last MTC Letter (dated March 22, 2013)

From: Kami Severtson
Date: Fri, Mar 22, 2013 at 1:12 PM
Subject: Re: One last email before you leave for Chile!! :-)
To: Toby Severtson 

We decided to email later today than usual, so we can do it while we do laundry. I'm timed, 25 minutes left so far, and if i have time, i'll try to send some pictures! I'll be sending my SD card home tomorrow anyways, but i thought it'd be fun anyways :) oh, and i do have 2 SD cards. and i'm not able to copy the pictures from on to the other...so hopefully you get it okay :) when you send it back to me, can you leave them on the card though? I want to be able to still have them hwile i'm gone :)
What phone do you want me to call? home or cell? I am going to buy a phone card from the book store, which gives me like 40 minutes or so for $5 or something. So i'll just use that. and good point about SLC or LAX, I'll see what time it is when we finally get checked in at SLC and probably call then :)
The other day, we got called in to the travel office, and apparently there's a $160 tax for landing in chile. If i were to pay by cash, they need PERFECT bills. So they gave us 160 to use for our baggage and stuff, and said to use a card for the tax. SO i'll probably have a charge on my credit card monday or tuesday. But, they said sometimes we get lucky, and they don't ask for the tax. in that case, they'll just deduct the 160 from my budget, or something. I'm not sure exactly. But I just wanted to let you know i'll probably have a charge on my credit card :)
I finished memorizing all the Articulos de Fe in Spanish!! :) I was so proud of myself :) it was a goal to have it done before I left! I'm just a little iffy on a few of them, I gotta think about it, so i'm giong to keep practicing them.
I got a shot yesterday. the Hep A part 2. it was $71 dollars, and I just used some of my cash. They gave me a form to mail home, that we can send to insurance to reimburse it. So i'll send that back in my package i'll send tomorrow too.
guess who i saw!?!? You'll never guess. I didn't even believe it. REmember the Stempniaks (?) in our ward?? Deizsha is here. Wow. But I don't think she knows who I am, so I didn't say anything to her.
I also got my haircut today. Sisters get 1 free in the MTC, so I just trimmed like 2 in off. Cool! One last "nice" haircut before I leave to chile :)
WE had in-field orientation yesterday all day. It was cool, told us stuff about tracting, finding people to teach, members, bishop, all that stuff. It made me so much more excited to leave!! Until I remembered it'll be in spanish ;) haha nah, I'm still super excited.
That's awesome about Cal's call! Good for him! He will LOVE the MTC :) It's the best place ever!! 
Your temple trip sounds fun too! I really wanted to do something like that..but obviously never got around to it :) Maybe when I"m home we'll have to! Except as a family...not the scouts :)
Today, it snowed. It's officially the first day of spring. and it snowed. WHAT!? But oh well, it's pretty. And i wont have "cold" weather for a long time.
That's crazy that Chad is home too. Good for him! I can't wait until that's me!! :) haha
Oh!! So I think they changed the email rules!! (still depending on the mission president..) but we are allwoed to email friends now! Not in the MTC, so it might be a little bit. well like 3 days. :) I think pday there is monday ( i think it is everywhere) so in a week and a half when I can email next, i'll be able to!
Also, Dearelder should still work okay, but I'm pretty sure I'll only get mail sent to the mission home every 6 weeks at transfers. And since it takes a few weeks to get letters to Chile, it's probably best to have people send stuff there anyways. Or email me :)
Tell the kids, I'll email them all back next time, but it was so nice to hear from all of them! Tell porter i'm SO happy he was able to translate that letter for ya all :) WOO HOO!! And have fun at the cabin! I wish I was able to be there with all of ya!
Happy Birthday (yesterday) dad! I hope it was a great day for ya! And happy birthday to mom on sunday :) Thanks for you package, I got it today!!! Those shirts are perfect, so thanks! And my companions say thanks for the Chile shirts too :) They love them! Tell grandma porter thanks for the shirt too. I'm wearing it today, and I love it! It's such a pretty color! :)
I'll talk to you monday!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D Have some questions ready for me, because I probably won't know what to talk about :)
Miss and love you all!! And next time my email will be from CHILE! <3
---Hermana Kami Severtson!

P.S. Here's some pictures for ya!! Add them to my blog, and I'll send the rest home. These I think (the pictures are hard to see small on the computer)  are the best ones :)

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