01 March 2013

Kami MTC Letter #3

Thanks for sending that package! It was really nice to get that stuff from you all :)
Also, keep sending these emails through dearelder too, it's easier and gets me more time to write you guys back, instead of spending some of my 30 min reading the emails too :)
I love what you said about this special week for us. I was just thinking about that the other day. I wish I could go to the cemetery with you guys, but I cannot! ;) I'll be there in spirit with you guys! It might be a little hard to be here during that, but I know it's where I need to be!
We just got back from the temple again, and it reminded me that I have all those family names. A few are printed out on my dresser, but I found a few more before I left, so if you log in to my familysearch, you guys could go do them! I wish I could ehre, but I can't do baptisms or anything. So you guys should! I know they're reserved for only a certain amt of time, so I'm not sure how long it's been :)
ALSO did you guys hear there's a new Gilbert Mission opening up!? there are like 50+ new missions opening from this new age change, all on lds.org. It's awesome! I saw the Gilbert mission and got super excited!!
I can try to send you pictures as soon as i can, but the only comps here that can upload pics are in the laundry room, and you have to fight probably 50 or more people for that computer. I have taken a few pictures, and I'll get them to you as soon as I can, but depending, it might be until CHILE.
Speaking of CHILE...... TODAY IS MARCH 1, SO I HAVE LIKE 25-ISH DAYSSS!!! :D I am super excited, but at the same time it adds a lot of pressure to learn the language and teaching super quick!
I've been doing what you said, dad, and memorizing a lot of different things. I've already memorized up to article of faith 9 in spanish, baptismal promise, missionary purpose in eng and spa, and the first vision. Memorizing in spanish seems a lot easier for some reason.
I've seen a lot of the Holy Ghost bringing things to my remembrance. We sit planning a lesson with our investigator, and I remember scripture masteries from HS! Not only the keywords and reference, but a lot of the whole scripture too! It's so cool!
So guess who spoke to us on Tuesday night devo....???? M. RUSSELL BALLARD!!!!! It was SO amazing!! Everyone really wanted a general authority to come..so we rushed to the gym to get a good seat. Usually, the screen shows who's speaking, but this time there wasn't anything about it, so that made us more curious. Then, during our song, Ballard walks in, and a big RUSH of the spirit with him! It was the most amazing thing ever!! He talked to us about being a good missionary. One thing he said was "remember that you know a lot". THat was powerful to me, because I had been thinking "i gotta learn spanish, I gotta remember what I memorize, I want to memorize more, I gotta learn to teach..." and that reminder that I went to church/seminary/YW/sunday school/primary/mutual... I have enough information and knowledge that I COULD go out right now and share the gospel with the world!
Sunday night, we had Stephen B Allen (managing director of the miss dept) talk to us too. It's so amazing the people they get to speak to us. To ONLY us. !!
I talked to Bro Reed--our cousin--the other day!! It's super cool to know someone here and have a distant relative here. He told me that whatever I needed, he could hlep me with, so taht was nice :) He mentioned how just a few weeks ago his job changed to be over the beginning spanish classes, so just in time for me to get here! He's the supervisor of my teachers! So it's pretty cool! Oh, he also told me, that when I'm home, he could probably hook me up with a job here :) That'd be fun! But I'll see.. I still got 17 months to figure that out :)
As much as I don't want to admit it, BYU might not be a bad idea... After talking to him, I thought about it. I don't know. I still kinda feel ASU is best for me how, but like I said 17 months left!
The snow isn't TOO bad either. I actually like it a lot! When it's snowing, I feel like Bentley and I chasing fireflies in Nauvoo!! <3 It amazes me and it's so beautiful!! Except for the cold..but even then, it's not TOO bad! As long as I don't have to drive in it or shovel it, I'll enjoy watching it fall ;) haha
I bought the Jesus the Christ books and those others that were in my packet the other day. We get a discount at the book store here, so if you want anything for cheaper I can get it for ya! :) haha
I finally got those letters you wrote me on like Wednesday(?). It was so nice to hear from all of you!! I love getting letters so much! Also, thanks again for that package and all those things I needed. And the kitkats and cookies :D YUM my comps and roomates loved them!
You keep reminding me that I never told youabout my comps! I have Hma Smith and Hma Howell. Smith is from Rexburg, right by BYUI, and Howell is from Utah, close to St George. It's so fun being in a trio! Except for it's another person to ALWAYS be with ;) But we get along and have fun. And it was a great companionship, because of everyone in my district, we are pretty much the only ones to have taken and remember HS spanish. BUT, we're getting to the point this weekend that I started getting lost in SPA 3 in HS and 202 in college. And that was as far as I got. So pretty soon here I'm as new as everyone else!!
Tell Noah thanks for the candy, and Jonah that he can have my Korean candy ;) haha anything you guys want, I don't care! By the time I'll get to it it'll be gross!
I was going to tell you too, yes, I have enough money while I'm here, but when I get on the plane, I'll probably use my Credit Card to pay for the luggage and everything. It'll be easier, and I'm not sure exactly how much it'll cost. Since I've already spent some here, and want to spend some in Chile, I'll just use that. I'll email you when I do though, and see if you can pay it off for me :)
I'm super excited for Bryndee to come this week!! A friend from home will be nice! Even though my whole district has already become good friends, like a family almost :)
I'll write you all more later, when I'm waiting for laundry and such..all the individual questions you wrote me i'll answer there, since I'm almost out of time here. But keep writing me, and I'll write as soon as I can! My Branch Presidency asked us to only write letters on Pday, so here that's Fridays. Chile I don't know the rules yet. But anyways, expect that letter in the next couple of days.
Also tell extended fam thanks for their letters I've gotten. I love the pictures from Rosy :) I'll try to write them all today too. I'll probably just send them all home to you guys, so if you could get them to everyone :) Or maybe to gma if I have her address written..I"ll just have to look.
Love and miss you all MUCHO!! have a buena semana y nos vemos en diezisiete meses!  
Con amor,
Hermana Kami Severtson.

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  1. My daughter is in the MTC with Herm. Severtson. I have a photo of their district on my daughter's blog.