08 March 2013

Kami MTC Letter (dated March 8, 2013)


Keep sending me the blog stuff..I like it!! It's fun to see what's going on with you all, and i'm not sure if i'll be able to look at the actual website once i'm in chile or not.... 2 1/2 weeks by the way.. :D
Monday was a bitter-sweet day. I kinda wished I was at home to spend it with all of you, but at the same time I was glad I was here. It was full of memories, so thanks to everyone for the letters and encouragement they sent to me :)

This week we heard devotionals from the Provo Temple president and Elder Aidikaitis (?) from the 70. Both (all of them) are just amazing talks!! Definitely inspired for what we all need to hear.

I ran into Andrew Neher the other day. Kinda cool to see someone from home. Also, another girl I knew from WF, Daniela Nava, I see her all the time. BUT NO BRYNDEE YET :( I've been looking everywhere for that girl, and I cannot find her! Even a couple of my other friends who know her (Alex Inman and Jonathan Claridge (cluff's cousin)) haven't seen her either! Every meal we have, I have my eyes out for her and scan every group of sisters to see if she's there. I REALLY hope I get to see her before she leaves!! Can you guys send me her MTC and SC mission address? and her email if you can get it? :)

Oh, also, speaking of getting addresses...can you send me Conner Miller and Zach Bishop's addresses? I was going to write both of them before I left, and didn't get the chance.

I found out there's an elder in my zone from Gilbert!! He went to Mesquite, so the other side of Gilbert, but it was still cool to find out! We finally got a new district in our zone on wednesday, so we aren't the "newbs" anymore :) There's a girl from YUMA! :) Kinda far from the good ol QC too, but still AZ. It's so fun to find AZ people! Everytime anyone is from AZ everyone just clicks and has someting to talk about. it's so fun! :)

So you asked about our typical day. Well, every day we have a different schedule. But it consists of either 3 or 6 hours of classroom instruction. There we teach our investigators, learn spanish, grammar, insights, how to teach... lots of stuff. We have an hour of personal study, hour of language study, sometimes an hour of TALL (online language study program), an hour of gym time, and meals. It's nice though because it's not so reduntant with a different schedule every day. Tuesdays we do service in the morning. We help clean the bathrooms in one of the dorms. And Tuesday nights are devotionals.

Sundays we have study time, RS watches music and the spoken word and then has a speaker come. A lot of times it's one of the General RS or YW presidency. OR the mtc presidency's wives. It's amazing! Then more of study time. Sacrament I think I talked a little about before. The blessings are in spanish, the missionary speakers are in spanish, then the main speaker (branch presidency member and wife) are in English. Onlyour branch pres knows spanish (besides us missionaries). We get to walk over to the temple and walk around, take pictures. Then a devotional at night. After the devotional, they have church movies/talks that we can watch.
Pday we start our day at the temple. We meet there at 6:30 for the 7 session or whatever we decide to do. We usually eat breakfast at the temple after too...YUM! Then we come to the computers and write you all!! (speaking of, If i see bro reed i'll probably see if he can send you some of my pictures!! can you post them on my blog too?) Then we go to gym, shower, lunch, write, laundry, then we have class at night and pday is over. Since March 1, the weather has been SUPER nice! So if it stays nice, we'll probably have a picnic with my district :)

Tell Bentley thanks for making that shirt! ;) She really didn't have to, but that's awesome! I know I"ll love it! :) and not to add more pressure or work (because you really don't have to at all) maybe for my 2 comps too? :) haha i know we've all mentioned we wanted a chile shirt :) and they're bothing going to antofagasta too. But honestly, no worries. And good luck on your wisdom teeth!! It really wasn't THAT bad (be careful taking too much medicine :P  haha) i just thought it'd be more pain for less amount of time. Jello was the best. and tomato soup. after a couple days, try to eat more of like the saltine crackers or bread or something. haha have fun with no eating! :)

I was totally craving YJ the other night.. :( Like really bad! Sundays and Wednesdays we have BYU creamery ice cream, but it's nothing...NOTHING...compared to YJ. We HAVE to go the day I get back!!! OK!?? no doubt, no question :)

It sounds like you all are keeping busy and having fun! I can't believe you have spring break already! And we were on our cruise a year ago! St. Patty's will be different, I wish we could have traveled to another cool place and did more random things!

Keep the letters coming, and remember who you are! You are all seriously amazing, and I miss you all so much! The time is going so fast, but so slow at the same time. It's realy weird. less than 20 days i'll be headed to Chile!! Hopefully I'll know enough spanish to be able to somewhat communicate with my companions and the people of chile. but i have 2 1/2 more weeks to really learn!! WHOA that's fast!! :)

Miss and love you all!!
con amor,
Hermana Severtson

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