28 July 2014

Si La Vida Fuera Fácil....

Hola Familia!! 
Crazy how today's email, then next week's, and Ill be home! The time has gone SO fast, and I can't believe it!! 

This week, we had interviews with President Dalton. Mine was short and sweet, and "How are you feeling?" and "How are you ending...?" haha ;) But it was great! 

We also had 4 more Hermanas living in our pension this week, because they were repairing some things in their pension. Going fom 2, to 6 in one day (for a week) was a big change! We definitely got to learn time management, patience, sharing, ... ... :) haha. But they are all great Hermanas, so it was also a lot of fun!! 

We were going to go today to Lago Chungara. Its up in the mountains, about 4 hours away, and super pretty apparently ;) Part of the lake (lago) is part of Bolivia, and part is of Chile. The Stake President here was going to take all of us Hermanas here in the stake, and rented a van. But, the guy he was renting from had to take an emergency trip, so probably next Monday we will go. SO, heads up, I WILL write you my last email, but it'll most likely be later in the day ;) 

This week, we have a fun week! Everyone was still on "winter break" so it was hard still. BUT, we found a new family!!! 
When we had English Classes in the church, we put a flyer on the door of our apartment. We never heard anything from anyone, and we stopped the classes, and that was that. BUT, last week, a guy stopped us in the street, seeing if we still did the classes or if we could help him. He lives in our apartment building with his wife and 2 kids. We set up an appointment, and they are great! Turns out, the dad, Rodrigo, is a member who got baptized almost 20 years ago, and stopped going because he didn't have much time since he's in the military. His daughter Tamara is 10, and she loves us, and we help her a lot with her English. His wife, Pamela, too. They are a great family, who seem like they are already members ;) They already have a lot of confidence in us, have interest in the church too, and are so great!! We pass by 2 or 3 times a week, and its great ;) We will see how they progress, but I won't be here :( 
Our other people that were going to be baptized, are also being postponed. Marriges still need to be done, going to church more, ... but the important is that ONE DAY they will be baptized ;) 

I talked to the boys about the jerseys they wanted, and Im going to try to get them. Like I had mentioned, they are cheaper in Peru, so depending on if someone can get out there and get some, Ill send them with the errand. But itll just depend ;) Theyll also be about $10 each, so also depends on if i can get that much cash to send ;) hehe Ill try :)

Remember that no matter what, serve the Lord first. Do your duty and responsibilities, and put the Lord first, and all things will fall into place. He has a greater plan, He knows best. Ending my mission now, I've realized so much of that. This is God's work. Even if you're not on a mission, it's God's plan. He puts everything where it needs to be, in the time it needs to be there. And it's perfect. We can't change his will, or if we put ours above His, it doesn't work. We are only truly happy, when we put Him first. 
Now that you're all starting school, remember that. Always make time to read your scriptures, at least a chapter a day. Pray daily. Always make that time. And study hard. And when you do, I promise you, that if you ask the Lord for help, He WILL help you! If you do your part and remember him, he will help you! Something that I've been remembering, is something Dad says, "If life were easy, it woudn't be hard" I know is super obvious, but life is supposed to be a little hard, so we can learn. BUT, it doesnt need to be extremely difficult either. It's always easier on the Lord's side ;) Always easier, happier, and with more reason. ;) 

Les quiero mucho! Y estoy muy MUY animada verles en dos semanas mas! Gracias por su apoyo y su amor, por recordarme y escribirme cada semana ;) 
Tengo la mejor familia que hay ;) Y no dudo eso por nada. Les amo, y les extraño por un tiempito mas ;) 

hasta luego! 

<3 Hermana Severtson

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