04 August 2014

Buenos Recuerdos

Hola Hola!! 
Wow.... Here's my last email to you.... Crazy right how fast the time has gone? I can't believe it... But, I'm happy for the time I've had here to serve in Chile Antofagasta!! 

This week was a fun one for us. We went to Antofagasta this week too, for the leadership council. I once again got to play the piano there, along with a prayer and ending with my testimony. This time, we were just 2 Hermanas going home from the council, but in total 18 missionaries will go home... 11 Hermanas. 

A while ago, but still since I've been here in this ward, there as a Colombian couple, Alexander and Esperanza that were preparing for marriage and baptism. Esperanza had to return to Colombia for a few things, and was going to come right back. We've been waiting for her for probably 5ish months...and finally, she came this week!! It was so great to see her again, she is a great lady! They have plans to be married and baptized as soon as possible. Esperanza also came with 2 more sons too, that are both just as amazing. The Elders in the ward are teaching the sons, and they too are preparing for baptism! Im sad I won't be here for their baptism... but I was happy to see Esperanza again. I wanted to see her before I left, and she came on Wednesday! 

Like I had mentioned before, we had found many Less-Active members these last few weeks. We've been starting to work more with them, and have been able to find so many new investigators through them! Once again, I'm sad I won't be here for it, but I will definitely keep in touch with them and the members and my companion ;) 

This week, we have great plans. We are excited to take advantage of my last week, and do all we can to have the best week ever!! I know it will be! 

In our leadership council, President Dalton talked about making good memories. I started thinking a lot about that after. He mentioned how we are eternal beings, but the memories we are making in this life we will remember forever. We will have a perfect remberance of all things. And how the memories we are making now, will determine our state and glory in the life to come. 
After, he applied the same thing to our mission. Live the mission to the fullest, every moment, because once it comes to and end, it's ended. And we can't change the memories we've made. 

I really liked this talk that President gave. All of our actions and choices now, are memories being created. Are we creating memories that we will want to remember for all of eternity? Are our memories reflecting our great potential? Some great things to think about. It's never too late to change a few things, if we want to. Christ always gives us a second chance to get up and try again. Let's take advantage of this live we've been given. To enjoy every moment. To live in a way to see our Heavenly Father happily one day. To help others live the same. To serve lovingly. That we have no regrets. 

I love you all lots lots lots. Thank you for all your love and support. You are all amazing. Thank you for writing me, for keeping me updated on all the great things happening in your lives. You are the best. Remember who you are and why you're here. Live every moment to its full potential. I love you!!! 

See you soon!

--Hermana Severtson

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