21 July 2014

Ningún testimonio hasta después

Wow, this week was an interesting one!! We worked our hardest, got exhausted, and kept working hard. And, at the end of all of it, we didn't meet our goal. 
This was really hard for me at first. WHY, if I set a goal, and did my part, why didn't God bless me with the miracle? It was something good, something possible. But we needed his help... why didnt he help us?

But, we quickly took that doubt out of our heads, and changed it into something positive. 
Its okay. No, we didn't meet our goal, but there was a bigger lesson in this. 
We learned what its like to work HARD, to really focus on what we want, and to do everything to get it. 
We learned that God does bless us for our work, but those blessings arent always what WE want them to be. 
We learned that God has his own plan, and his own way to do it. We need to submit ourselves to THAT plan, and there we will see miracles. 
We learned that even though we didnt meet new investigators, we met LOTS of new "less-actives." No, they can't be baptized, but they can be reactivated. They have families that aren't members. These people weren't on the ward list, and now we can help them better. 

We just kept thinking all week : You recieve no witness until AFTER the trial of your faith (Ether 12:6) In Spanish, the word witness is changed to testimony. I liked that a lot. 
On Monday we had a hard day, then Tuesday, then Wednesday, ...and we thought the "trial of our faith" would be trying our work untilSaturday night.. THEN we would find a family of 5. And at the end of it all, no. The trial of our faith was to keep working, when we didn't see the blessing at the end of the week. We could have easily given up, thinking if we wont have the blessing, why work? But, we have no doubts now. "If we would have done...." "If we worked harder with..." no. We honestly feel like we did our part. We set the goal, we did our part, and the miracle is up to the Lord. We recieved a different miracle. Our testimony/witness we recieved was of work. Of doing our part. Of never giving up. And that God does give miracles and blessings. ;) 

So, at the end of it all, it was a great week still ;) 

Saturday, was my companion's birthday! And that was fun ;) It seems like all the missionaries that come here to Juan Noe have their birthday when they're here ;) haha its fun! 

I cant believe Porter Derrick leaves this week, that Nicholas already left, that Brandon Gale leaves... these kids are all so young! haha ;) 

Well, see you all in a few weeks. I love you lots! 
Remember to always give your all. Even when it's hard, and doesn't "seem" worth it, give your all. God is bound to bless us, if we do what he says. He WILL bless you! ;) Work hard, never give up, and endure to the end :)

--Hermana Severtson

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