07 July 2014

Saltemos De La Barca!

Hola Familia!! 

Like I always start my letters... This week was another GREAT one! :D 

We travelled to Antofagasta again, for our "consejo"... council?... with Presidente and Hermana Dalton and the Assistants. It was fun, because now, I get to see Hermana Albornoz, Hermana Rindlisbacher, and Hermana Tuft! 3 of my old companions! :) And a lot of other people I know ;)
It was a great meeting. My companion and I decided to exercise faith this transfer, and set a goal for 5 baptisms. (Ill mention about those we already have here after). Then, everyone that spoke, talked about setting goals with faith, faith is things you can't see but hope for, praying with faith, jumping from the boat.... Jump from the boat was one of my favorites. 
Like Peter, we all have experiences where we need to put all trust and confidence in the Lord, and "Jump from the Boat". Having 5 baptisms this transfer, will be a LOT. Its something we can't see right now, but its possible. Of ALL the people that live in our sector, how can it be that 5 of them are not ready to be baptized? We have plans to contact all the future investigators we have right now, contact more, ask for referrals, and keep our minds focused in the goal. 
Jump from the boat. Get out of the comfort zone. 
The Elder that spoke about this, had a good point of view too. He and his companion had set a goal for 8 that transfer, and got 6. BUT, he doesnt see it that he didnt meet the goal. If they set a goal for 3 or 4, they would have been satisfied with the 3 or 4, and not even got the 6. That's the mindset I want this last transfer. Reach for the 5!! But, being diligent and working hard until the last day, will be the real "achievement".

So, Waldo and Mirella... They are still great and progressing. But, according to the laws of Chile, we found out that Waldo needs at least a month and a half to be divorced (if there are no problems), then 15 days to process the divorce. THEN he can be married... so al final, I won't be here for their baptism. But, the important is that one day, they WILL do it! 

Happy 4th of July also! :) We wanted to do SOMETHING, but we ended up not having time. We did though have a FHE activity in the church like we do every Friday. Someone mentioned that it was the 4th, "Dia de los Estados Unidos" and everyone came up to me and Elder Dennett (the other american elder in the ward) and hugged us, congratulated us, all super happy and super excited. haha Like we did anything to help with the independence of our country... ;) hehe 

I saw a cool quote I liked this week... "Ya tienes el NO, haz algo por obtener el SI" (you already have the NO, do something to get the YES). Thats so true. Every person we don't talk to in the street, or every person we dont invite to go to church or be baptized, gives us the answer NO. unless we DO talk to them, and give them the chance to say YES! 
Don't be afraid to at least try! The worst that will happen, is that they will still say NO. But, at least you did your all to try, give them the chance. ;)

I was happy to hear too that dad mentioned that Garrett got his license! WOW! Congrats buddy! 
and that Caleb will be taking Spanish next year! woo hoo! Ill talk to you in Spanish and help you! ;) 

Ok. I think that's all for today. No se olvide saltar de la barca. Ponga su confianza en el Señor y Su plan. El sabe mejor ;) Sabe TODO! 

Les quiero mucho, y nos vemos prontito! ;) 

--Hermana Severtson

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