19 May 2014

Orar Con Fe

Buenas Tardes! 
I want to start this email today, saying that this week was GREAT!! It was super quick, and flew by, but it was excellent. 

Jorge and Vanessa got baptized. They are fully involved and dedicated. They are ready to keep going! They are amazing! The baptism was really great, so many members came to support them in this decision. The whole ward is excited to take them in to the ward family. Along with the 2 converts from the Elders we share the ward with. 

I am also happy to share, that we recieved our transfers, and IM STAYING! :D I wanted to stay, and I am! :) Im excited to keep working here with Hermana Calarco and work towards our goals and plans we have for this transfer. 

Like I mentioned, we went to Iquique this week, and it was amazing! Elder Spannaus and his wife are so great! It was weird to return to Iquique, to my same sector. I thought being there would help me remember a bit... nope. I really do not remember hardly anything from that transfer. haha It was SO long ago ;) 
They talked to us about sincere prayer with faith. A prayer shouldn't be a "wish list". It should consist also of a plan. What we will do, to help work towards the things we are asking for. Be specific. This is something we've been working on as a companionship, and its been a lot more effective. We feel better when we pray this way. We think before about the things we will thank and ask, and they have more meaning. 
Then, to end the conference, Elder Spannaus gave us a challenge and a promise. To read the whole Book of Mormon before September 1, highlighting anything that has to do with names of Christ (Savior, Redeemer...), the atonement, and the Gospel of Christ (faith, repentance, baptism, holy ghost, endure to the end). The promise, was that if we do this, we will strengthen our testimonies of Christ, and learn something new about him we didn't realize before. I accepted this challenge, and I will do it! :D And I invite any of you would like to do it, to do it as well. I know this promise he gave us is true! 

Pray with faith. Prayer should be a conversation, it takes effort and energy. There really is an extra difference in the day when we pray... pray with faith. This testimony I've learned here in the mission especially. God answers prayers. He knows us. He knows our needs. He knows best. 

I love you lots!! You are all the best! You are great examples of hard work and testimony. Enjoy your last week of school this week, and work hard until the end ;) 

--Hermana Severtson

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