12 May 2014

No Dudo Que Mi Madre Lo Sabía

Hello!! and Happy Mother's Day!! 
It was great to talk to you all yesterday, and to hear about BENTLEY'S MISSION CALL!!!!! I am so excited for her, and excited to tell anyone that will listen to me ;) She is going to LOVE it! It is the perfect mission for her! There are people there that are waiting for Sister Clark! 

We had a great week!! We will be having a baptism this week! I'm super excited for that!! After working and working with this father and daughter, they accepted to be baptized, and are excited for it! 

This week, we are going to IQUIQUE! A member of the Quorom of the 70 is coming, Elder Alin Spannaus. All of Arica will travel to Iquique to hear this conference. I am excited to go see Iquique again--during the day. We always pass through in the middle of the night and I recognize a little ;) Im also excited to hear from Elder Spannaus. It will be a great conference! 

I studied this week about the 2000 Sons of Helaman (Alma 53-56). I really like the part they talk about the traits of these young men... Brave. True. Faithful. Serious. Mature. Obedient. Strong. Because their mom's taught by example. They were confident in the testimonies their mother's had, because their mothers shared their testimonies by word and action. 
I thought too, especially with Mother's Day, that I KNOW that my mom knew too. She always taught by example, and showed us the right way. She taught me SO much more than she probably realizes. She was always patient in all things. Her example of service and charity until the end is an example of love and selflessness. She accepted everyone for who they are and a friend to all. She is SO loving of all things. and HAPPY. I think that's the thing I am most grateful for that she taught me. How to be happy. How to be optimistic. This is something you can only teach by example. And she was the best example there is. I don't remember ever seeing my mom sad, angry, frustrated, ... always happy, smiling, laughing, having fun, and enjoying every moment. 

I hope we can all live in such a way, that no one will doubt that we KNOW this Gospel is true. That we have no doubts about it, and that for our confidence, they too want to learn more. I love hearing your stories of inviting neighbors, testifying to your friends, and being great examples. Because that is the best way to show that you BELIEVE and KNOW and LIVE the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Happy Mother's Day! 
I love you all LOTSS!! 
<3 Hermana Severtson

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